Bradshaw Choir



We are very proud of our choir at Bradshaw Primary School.

Children rehearse 4 times a week, as a Junior and a Senior Choir, coming together as one large choir for performances. As well as rehearsing for their own performances and competitions, they also enjoy their annual trip to Manchester Arena for Young Voices.

Singing in the choir is not just about developing vocal skills. It’s about team work, where the children discover how it feels to be part of a successful group. The Juniors and the Seniors love coming together as one group, supporting each other and offering cross year group friendship that might not come as a result of normal day to day life within school. All of the experiences that are offered come as a result of the children’s hard work. But most of all, the children have enormous fun!

And like any other successful musical group, Bradshaw School Choir have many supporters. Tickets for Bradshaw School Choir performances sell like hot cakes!

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to what the children have to say about singing in the choir.

Click on the galleries to see and hear where we have performed.

Please contact with enquiries for bookings.