In school we have a well-established Pastoral Team who work with parents and children when there is an identified need. The Pastoral Team have a range of skills and expertise in different areas, for example:  behaviour support, emotional health & well-being, safeguarding, special educational needs.


Coming Soon: Thrive!

Over the school year, we will be introducing the Thrive Approach and carefully embedding this into our school culture and practices. The Thrive Approach seeks to complement our curriculum in addressing all areas of social and emotional development, identifying potential gaps and providing a framework by which class teachers and practitioners can work with children before distressed behaviours manifest. 

Children are encouraged to meet their Right Time Development targets within their classes. Practitioners complete small group and 1:1 reparative work where significant gaps are identified. 

As our Thrive journey progresses, the bulk of our pastoral work will be Thrive. 



Alongside Thrive, Pastoral Support at Bradshaw can be initiated through parental concerns, staff concerns and/or pupil concerns. 

Parents/carers are encouraged to get in contact with the Pastoral Team to discuss any issues they may be experiencing or concerns they have regarding their child. 

Pupils concerns may come via worry boxes stationed around the school building, direct contact with staff. We may initiate pastoral support with pupils as a result of triggers relating to attendance, behaviour and/or welfare. 


The Pastoral Team treat any concern shared as a referral and as such the Pastoral Manager and SENDCo meet to assess the appropriate course of action. 

The following flowchart represents the Pastoral Support process at Bradshaw. 

Pastoral Pathways

Following assessment, the Pastoral Team will decide on the appropriate pathway (SEND or Pastoral) and external referrals will always be considered. External referrals may also be made alongside any support offered within school.


SEND Support - please see our SEND Offer. 


Pastoral Support:

  • Time to Talk, Solutions Focused and 1:1 Sessions with the Pastoral Manager.
  • Need-Specific Work - structured work around identified area of need such as managing anger, coping with sadness, worries. 
  • Reparative Thrive - 1:1 and small group work with practitioners.


A review period will be established and outcomes will be communicated with parents/carers if appropriate. 


Please note that our Pastoral Team are not trained mental health professionals or counsellors. We are trained to support pupils with their social and emotional development; however, where there are concerns for a child's mental health, we must defer to the involvement of medical professionals and the necessary referrals will be made to support and safeguard our pupils. 


If you feel you would like to speak to a member of the Pastoral team about anything ranging from bereavement, behaviour, family breakdowns, child friendship issues or anything else which is causing you or your child concerns, then we would be happy to help.

Please be assured that any information discussed with the pastoral team will only be shared with relevant members of staff where necessary unless there is a safeguarding concern where we may have to seek advice.


Mrs Kim Crouch (Attendance & Welfare):

Mr Harry Turner (Pastoral Manager):

Miss Amy Robinson (SENDCo):





01422 244283


Citizens Advice - support on wide range of issues, such as financial difficulty, debt, housing, legal

Invictus Wellbeing - BREW Project (wellbeing support for ages 5-17)

Family Support Service - Sure Start

Relationships Matter - Support for families and couples (together or separated)

Northpoint - Mental Health support for adults and children 


Separating Better (APP)


Advice & Guidance

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