Summer 2022

Nurturing Nurses

Team: History Detectives

Client: St Thomas’ Hospital

Commission:  to produce a display about nursing in Victorian times. 

a) Stepping back in time, enactively the team reconstruct the trip to Scutari for Florence and the nurses.

b) Creating the hospital at Scutari, symbolically, iconically and enactively.

c) The team research to find even more details of the improvements that Florence Nightingale made to include in their display.

d) The team meet a member from the board at St Thomas´┐┐ hospital, to show them the information on the poster that they created for the historical display.

e) Enactively creating a battle scene.

They met a lady who was prepared to help the injured soldiers no matter which side they were fighting for. Research showed that this was just like another significant individual, Mary Seacole.