Work, school and home : The life of a Victorian Child

Team: Halifax Historians

Client: Eureka Children’s Museum

Commission: Eureka is producing an exhibition called “Work, school and home: the life of a Victorian child” and considering the story of Robert Turner. It is the historians’ assignment to find out what they can about him and to decide if he should be recommended as a part of the exhibition.

The team must find out who Robert Turner was and discover his backstory.

The team must find out what school life was like for him.

The team must find out what home life was like for him.

a) The team examine records from Bradshaw Primary School in Victorian times.

b) The team examine photographic evidence of Victorian classrooms and make notes.


c) Using drama to learn about Victorian classrooms.

d) To earn some money, influenced by the work of JS Lowry, Robert Turner starts to sketch scenes from industrial Halifax, using charcoal which he can hopes to sell to the rich people.

e) The team recreate and sketch a Victorian, working class home.